• Why Choose Us

    A Private international advisory firm who identifies and provides valuable information on all major economies and emerging markets across the globe, we have the insight and technology to substantially assist our clients in gaining 5-10% returns in the Forex Market. We work with a wide range of clients from corporate institutions, high-net-worth individuals and smaller private investors. No matter where you are starting from, we can help grow your portfolio.

  • Our Vision

    ALT Markets are a private International advisory firm who provide invaluable information on all major economies and markets across the globe. We have the vision and expertise to significantly protect and increase our clients’ assets – in particularly within the Forex Market. We work with a varied array of clients from corporate institutions, high-net-worth individuals and Family Office investors. No matter where you are beginning from, we can help to develop your portfolio with a conservative yet positive strategy.

  • A Reputation You can Depend upon

    Based in Dubai, renowned for being a modern international business hub. With highly regulated, yet a low tax environment we pass on these tight controls and cost savings to our clients’. With over 35 years of collective experience we offer an unmatched reputation, track record, and customer service that within the Forex Trading industry. Work with company you can depend on to give you the peace of mind and returns you want.

  • Getting Started is Simple

    Open your own ALT Markets account today and experience the difference of our experience, technology and reputation can do for our Forex Trading growth and sustainability. Simply click the Contact button below and complete a simple application process to create your account and obtain your Login and Password information.

  • Strategies

    Forex trading can be daunting, especially for new traders. Because of the very nature of the markets changing daily – often hourly due to geo-political and economic trends new ‘traders’ often fail within days or weeks during their learning curve.

    Many Companies offer free trials on Online Trading Web systems with several hours of You-Tube training videos. Seldom do these new private investors have the patience, understanding or back up to trade profitably and the majority of those that try usually give up and withdraw what’s left of their initial investment and give up.

    This is where ALT Markets are different. We offer a fully Managed service, allowing you to continue with your work, retirement or travel yet still with 24/7 access to your account from the Internet via your Laptops, Tablets or smart phones.

    Managed Service

    • We monitor the major Currency Pairs such as the Euro/Dollar, Euro/Sterling, Sterling/Dollar etc.
    • We rarely make more than one Trade per day. Occasionally we might chose not to Trade at all.
    • We adopt a Conservative strategy trading no more than 2-3% of your account´s equity on each trade.
    • Never trade more than 2% of your account´s equity in a single sector.
    • With a 5% Stop Loss strategy, we do not chase losses; we stop trading and evaluate the situation.
    • Always trade on risk capital, money that you can afford to lose.
    • Keep a trade calendar. Losses will occur less frequently than gains, we do not hide these, we are fully transparent.
  • What People Says About Us

Meet Our Team

  • Peter McGlachlan

    Founder / Sales Director

    Peter McGlachlan is the creator of ALT Markets. He has studied economics at the highest level. McGlachlan’s career began in New York, in one of the country’s leading banks, where he worked as a broker for more than a decade. After his cycle at the bank completed, he went on to found ALT Markets along with the rest of the partners. Peter oversees the general management of fund trading actions and is in close cooperation with the team that develops trading systems. He lives in London with his wife and his two children.

  • Jaykar Al Marwani

    Lead Trader

    Jaykar Al Marwani is the head of trading operations at ALT Markets. Although Jaykar joined us only recently, he has evolved into one of our key members in virtually no time. His main role in the firm is to manage client accounts and supervise the automation of the trading process. At the moment, he has almost $25 million of customer funds under his immediate supervision. Jaykar’s major was in technology. His previous work experience has been in the IT industry, where he ran a small software house. He currently resides in Abu Dhabi with his wife and their three children.

  • Jean Dubois

    Head of Relations

    Jean Dubois is the Manager of Relations with the financial institutions collaborating with ALT Markets, as well as heading our licensed trading partner program. Jean is responsible for overseeing compliance and institutional partnerships. Jean holds an MBA from the prestigious London Business School and has 15 years’ experience trading in the currency markets.

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