About ALT Markets

ALT Markets is a forex broker specializing in managed forex trading accounts. Through our programs, investors gain access to the most traded, liquid, and probably highest revenue-generating market available today.

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone, from the person next door to the experienced trader and the investment manager, to trade through our managed investment accounts. Through our program, people with no prior experience have the chance to clear significant returns. The experienced investor will find in our program the perfect complement to existing investment scenarios. All our programs are optimized to facilitate more-than-average annual revenues without compromising responsibility in risk management. We never stop employing the best systems, strategies, and human workforce. We evolve according to the way markets change.

We have the belief that our impeccable performance to date is attributed to our systematic, technical, and mathematical methodology. We use statistics to quantify collective behavioral patterns, currency pair dynamics, and sometimes, price inefficiencies. We have built our trading experience by designing, developing, and testing numerous trading strategies so far. We strive for higher revenues than other managers achieve without the excess risk. We are enthusiastic about our performance to date and look forward to the future as we keep improving our programs.

It is now easier than ever to register with us and open a managed investment account; simply enter your details in the application form and a highly specialized staff member will contact you as soon as possible.