ALT Markets is classified as a worldwide forex broker; it is mandatory, therefore, to abide to anti-money laundering rules.

ALT Markets agrees with the international laws and regulations regarding anti-money laundering and pledges to forcefully oppose illegal activities related to money laundering. Our strict systems and strategies were designed to discover, notify, and report all dubious activities, including money laundering.

Money Laundering Definition

Money laundering is the activity during which criminals attempt to move their illegally acquired funds by exchanging them with legal financial resources without alerting the authorities.

When this kind of action takes place, by converting their illegal money to genuine financial assets, criminals can them use them in various transactions, move them between banks, make purchases of products and services, or even finance criminal activities and terrorism. ALT Markets pledges to report any attempt by individuals or businesses to mask the origin and ownership of illegal actions, including illegal gambling, fraud, theft, and other activities.

Do I Need to Provide Proof of Identity Prior to Opening a Forex Trading Account?

To counter money laundering, at ALT Markets we ask all of our clients to give supporting documentation verifying their identity and their funds’ origins before trading forex with us. We greatly emphasize running verification checks on our clients’ IDs and making sure that their funds are of legal origin before creating a Forex account or depositing an amount.  Hence, to adhere to this policy, you are required to provide legal documents confirming your personal details, name, and location.