Business Ethics

Compliance with Laws & Regulations

All personnel are in charge of complying to relevant laws and conventions as well the guidelines and standards laid out in our internal Code of Conduct. Representatives must guarantee that they are familiar with the laws, best business practices, regulations, and the obliged moral conduct which is befitting for being an ALT Markets Trader.


In the course of routine business activities, representatives are privileged to customer data relating to their account, fees & incomes, marketing practices, and so on. Representatives are obliged to keep this information private. This means they are not permitted to reveal this information to any third parties unless they are lawfully allowed or compelled to do so.


Safety of Funds

Preserving the security of your funds is the primary function at ALT Markets. Careful thought should be made before selecting a Forex agent. New Clients or experienced Traders ought to look carefully at how their Forex brokers are securing their deposits and how they are cared for. At ALT Markets, various steps have been taken to verify that our customers’ funds are secure.

At ALT Markets, we are indebted for the faith our clients have in us, and we do all in our control to keep up the most outstanding volume of protection of their funds at all times. We are unreservedly committed to our customers. This is apparent through the business selections we make and the outstanding service we give to the all of our clients. Our financial integrity and standing are everything to us, along these lines the security of clients’ funds are our primary concern.

Often, the most ideal approach to judging a brokerages financial integrity is by its reputation and the dedication it shows to its clients through its internal supervision and business practices. Our commitment to our clients has made our firm a regarded industry leader.