Account Security

Account Security

At ALT Markets, we understand our clients’ concern that their funds remain secure. Accordingly, we employ industry standard measures to ensure that our clients’ funds enjoy full protection.

All managed funds are held in segregated accounts and deposited in our tier-1 affiliate international banks such as HSBC and Emirates NBD, among others. Clients are the owners of their respective accounts, which are only linked to ALT Markets’ account for trading purposes.

With our exceptional security services, ALT Markets ensures a positive FOREX trading experience for our customers, offering them the peace of mind and freedom to concentrate on their investments.

Al Pro Global Consultant Limited – Supervised Fund Administration

Al Pro Global Consultant Limited provides independent supervision for all accounts under ALT Markets. Al Pro is a third-party auditing agency that provides professional supervision for over $1 billion originating from companies and offices all around the world. They have a widely recognized and proven history in fund administration and safety within the financial industry, which renders them the best choice to handle our clients’ funds.

Regulatory Supervision

All FOREX brokers under regulatory supervision are required to handle money flow and accounts by meeting stringent standards, including standards for capital adequacy. Financial reports are submitted on a daily basis to prove that sufficient capital exists to meet all liability needs and that company-owned funds are segregated from the clients’ funds. The regulating agency demands that brokers keep enough capital to secure the total sum of the clients’ funds, outstanding expenses, and any potential fluctuation in open positions.

Regulated Liquidity Providers

ALT Markets rigidly negotiates with regulated financial organizations to place trades, to ensure that issuing our clients’ FOREX orders meets the highest levels of safety and security.

At ALT Markets we are conscientious that security and safety are imperative to clients interested in online FOREX trading. Our clients’ confidentiality and privacy are never compromised.

Our premium clients enjoy exclusive online access where they can instantly perform deposits and withdrawals, view account history, and gain access to comprehensive trading reports. By offering personal account management functionality, ALT Markets ensures privacy by obviating the need for daily email notifications, keeping all communications within the system.


Account managers are required to abide by strict confidentiality rules regarding client data, accounts, fees, income, marketing practices, etc. Managers are not permitted to disclose confidential information to any third parties unless they are lawfully compelled to do so.