Fund Safety

Fund Security

At our company, we recognize and comprehend the need for your funds to be secure. Therefore, we have employed measures commonly only seen with institutional forex traders, to ensure that the total of our clients’ funds enjoy full protection through our particularly strict protective precautions.

By being leading providers of exceptional security services, we ensure a positive forex trading experience for our customers, offering them complete freedom to concentrate on their trading methods when trading with ALT Markets.

Fund Segregation

By segregating our clients’ funds, we raise your comfort level considerably when trading with us. We ensure full protection of your funds by keeping them in segregated accounts in AA-rated banks. What’s more, we keep ALT Markets company funds’ and clients’ funds completely separated.

GoPro Trade Solutions Limited – supervised Fund Administration

GoPro Trade Solutions Limited provides independent supervision for all accounts under ALT Markets. GoPro Trade Solutions Limited is a third-party auditing agency that provides professional supervision for over $1 billion originating from companies and offices all around the world. They have a widely recognized and proven history in fund administration and safety within the financial industry, which renders them the best choice to look over the total of our customers’ funds.

Regulatory Supervision

All forex brokers under regulatory supervision are expected to handle all money flow and accounts by meeting stringent economic standards, including requirements for capital adequacy. Financial reports are submitted on a daily basis to prove that enough capital adequacy exists to meet all liability needs and that company-owned funds are stored separately from the segregated clients’ funds, according to regulations. The regulating agency demands that brokers keep enough capital to secure the total sum of the clients’ funds, outstanding expenses, and any potential fluctuation in open positions.

Regulated Liquidity Providers

ALT Markets rigidly negotiates with regulated financial organizations to do trades, like listing LPs here to ascertain that the whole process of issuing your forex orders meets the highest levels of safety and security.

We use cutting-edge technology for account management purposes

In ALT Markets we know very well that security and safety are essential features that clients look for in online forex trading. Our clients’ confidentiality and privacy are never compromised.

Our restricted-to-clients’ area lets you instantly perform deposits and withdrawals, view the history of your accounts’ trading and funding activity, and gain access to comprehensive trading reports. By offering personal account management functionality, ALT Markets ensures privacy by negating the need of email notifications, keeping all communications within the system.