Why Us

Why ALT Markets?

ALT Markets is a leading online trading provider that offers trading with CFDs and forex on indices, stocks, energy, and precious metals.

We are committed to using bleeding-edge software and continuous quality audits, meaning that our customers enjoy the best possible trading service.

Worldwide presence

Since its creation back in 2008, ALT Markets has never stopped evolving its scope; today it is in a position to offer its services via its regulated trading firms all over the world, making up for a real worldwide organization. We strongly believe that by being present in several regions at the same times, we are able to offer our clients intelligent support and service regardless of their choice of trading site.

Flexible Trading accounts

We accept deposits in almost all national currencies, to trading accounts, and then convert them into EUR, GBP, CHF, USD, or other currencies as needed. What’s more, to safeguard your capital against currency fluctuation, you are allowed to hold several trading accounts in various currencies simultaneously. By doing so, our clients can transfer their funds between accounts internally and conveniently via the Trader’s Room.


Our Licensing

ALT Markets is also a regulated Dubai Investment Firm, regulated in the UAE.

To learn more about the ALT Markets’ licensed companies, please contact our main office.

Education and Analytics

ALT Markets, enabling our clients to choose thoughtfully and intelligently in their trading endeavors is our top priority. To this end, we take multiple educational initiatives, in the form of seminars and webinars, designed with the purpose to cultivate trading dexterities and outline the financial leverage that traders acquire within financial markets such as forex. Furthermore, we publish and distribute educational material, like books and brochures, internationally and in several languages. We constantly expand the reach of our educational toolset, including a large collection of analytical tools to aid you in navigating the financial market landscape.

Customer Support

Our customer support service uses telephone and live chat in order to help clients with all issues they may have, organizational or technical. Telephone and chat services are available in more than 24 languages during European office hours. Chat service is available on all business days, all day.

Additionally, you are free to send us an email at support@altmarkets.com and we will get back to you fast and comprehensively, within business hours.

Security and Software

Our cooperation with leading figures in online security, ensures our clients safe and seamless access to financial markets all around the world.  In addition, we employ the most trusted and reliable trading platform, MetaTrader 4, developed by the MetaQuotes Software Corporation, a leading figure in trading software globally.