Commitment to our Clients

ALT Markets is determined to provide our clients worldwide the highest level of service possible from our qualified, professional staff.

  • Direct in-house trading without any external broker intervention.
  • Quality execution by means of state-of-the-art platforms.
  • Trade currency pairs via real time charts.
  • Provide the best specialised support available.
  • Maintain a transparent relationship with the client.

Conflict of Interest

The FOREX market has the potential for an inherent conflict of interest between clients and brokerage firms. Firms are compelled to trade as often as possible, disregarding the client’s best interests. As per statistics, the principle reason for the loss of clients is the conflict of interest between clients and brokerages.

At ALT Markets, the interest of the client and the brokerage are shared and integrated. Our standard practice is to trade only once a day for any particular account, identifying the most profitable trade. Of course, the clients can direct a different approach in their application form, depending on their level of risk tolerance.