CFD Trading

A CFD (Contract for Difference), is a legal or written agreement between two parties to share their opening and closing price of a contract. It offers you a flexible market to trade on the price movement of countless global financial products. You can easily use CFDs to trade on the financial market whether the prices are rising or falling. Prices directions educate you when to go long (buy) a CFD market for profit or go short (sell) for profit from falling price. It gives you a fantastic deal because CFD allows you to maximize your forex market exposure for investment fraction. By trading CFDs with ALT Markets, you can tap into the expertise of one of the world’s leading providers. Here, we offer access to more than 10,000 financial instruments globally, so whatever your trading need or objectives or plan, you’ll easily get the useful instruments you want to trade, including the exact information about thousands of prices on equities in Asian, US, European and UK markets.

Gain exposure to an array of Equity Market Indices with Index CFDs. These CFDs track the price changes of leading equity markets (of global exchanges). It involves buying or selling foreign indices with a particular end goal to benefit from progressions in their costs. The Dow Jones Industrial Average is comprised of the shares of 30 major companies in the United States.

We believe that ALT Markets gives most competitive or reliable spreads on index CFDs in the forex market. During these financial conditions, competitive index CFD spreads are very important to any trader because the tighter the quoted spread, the less the market has to move in your favor before your trade becomes profitable. You can also compare our competitive spreads at any time via our live spread charts on our platform.


Why Trade Global Indices with ALT Markets?


• No Re-Quotes: on all index products, giving you quick, efficient trade execution without expensive re-quotes.
• Competitive Pricing: Competitive spreads enable you to gain exposure to global markets.
• No Commission: Trade commission free on all index products at ALT Markets unlike other markets.
• Generous Leverage: Generous leverage on all products that are clearly detailed on the ALT Markets’ Station.
• Advantages from Dividends: long position holds overnight receive benefit from dividend.
• Hedging Capability: You can go long or short in a single index trade.

Share trading is one of the most famous online financial instrument options for worldwide traders. ALT Markets gives its clients a unique, reliable capability to trade future and stock via our trustworthy platform. Share Trade places powerful online trading tools at your fingertips, as well as a comprehensive range of education and analysis resources. Investing in shares on international exchanges has never been so simple. CFDs are contracts between you and the brokerage for difference in the cost of a share.

In this share trading option, CFDs gives traders to capture either “short” or “long positions for a specific stock without requiring any personal physical share, commodities or similarly to futures. If you predict that a share price will fall in future, you can go for a short position (sell), or if you believe the shares prices will rise then go for long position (buy) to grab profit. Your profits will maximize in line with the position you take and the market movement. CFD on Shares trading through our expert platform and award winning services offer numerous benefits such as ensuring security through short selling or hedging, especially in volatile markets.