Managed FOREX

The ALT Markets program comprises a significant opportunity for investors interested in high-yield, long-term, proven revenues. Independent and professional money managers combine their expertise in order to achieve the lowest possible drawdown with consistently high performance. To do so, we employ a combination of manual trading strategies with original automatic trading systems.

ALT Markets offers a managed FOREX trading service. Our program gives investors the chance to trade in the most preferred, liquid, and probably the most rewarding market available – foreign exchange.

Our mission is to make it easy for everyone, from the person next door to the experienced trader and the investment manager, to trade through our managed investment accounts. Through our program, people with no prior experience have the chance to clear significant returns. The experienced investor will find in our program the perfect complement to existing investment scenarios. All our programs are optimized to facilitate greater-than-average annual revenues without compromising responsibility in risk management.

Registering for a managed investment account with us is simple – follow our step-by-step guide.

  • Your funds are safe in large banks. We ensure fund safety by segregating client funds. We only use your funds to support your own trading operations.
  • Large availability of diverse investment options. We provide you with the ability to pick any of our investment products and to combine them at your leisure, creating your individualized portfolio with your preferred parameters for risk and profitability.
  • Favorable investment requirements. Lowest investment is €5000. By using such a small entry sum, you can take our services on a test run and manage your portfolio efficiently with minimum risk.